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At the point when the songwriting and creation credits for Olivia Rodrigo’s exceptionally expected introduction collection Harsh were delivered on Thursday, fans immediately noted composing credits for Taylor Quick and Jack Antonoff on Rodrigo’s fourth track “1 Stage Forward, 3 Stages Back.” The two numbers even make a “13,” an inconspicuous gesture to significant numerology in the Swiftverse.

While a few fans estimated on a joint effort or Rodrigo testing the whiz’s work, Moving Stone has affirmed that Quick and Antonoff didn’t team up on the track and that the tune is an interjection of Quick’s 2017 Standing hit “New Year’s Day.” For those looking out for an authority cooperation between the two, they’ll need to stand by a digit longer. (Reps for Quick and Rodrigo didn’t promptly answer to demands for input.)


1 Stage Forward, 3 Stages Back is the lone melody that interjects Quick, however it may not be the solitary Acrid tune to reference her: Rodrigo uncovered to Drifter a month ago that she was roused by the “Merciless Summer” connect while composing the extension for her hit “This feels familiar.” Harsh is set for discharge on Friday.

Rodrigo is quite a gigantic devotee of Quick’s and has been a functioning individual from the star’s being a fan for quite a long time. She’s called Quick one of her “greatest motivations.” Preceding Rodrigo delivering her breakout single “Drivers Permit,” Quick had recognized the high schooler’s front of Darling single “Pitiless Summer.”

The pair have communicated more in the previous few months: Rodrigo and individual Swiftie-turned-pop star Conan Dim made TikToks in advancement of Dauntless (Taylor’s Rendition). Quick likewise sent Rodrigo the ring she wore while recording Red. The pair official met face to face at the Brit Grants this month, trading transcribed letters and presenting behind the stage.

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